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We Don't Just Promise Good Habits.
We Provide Solutions!

Our Unique Self Help APP is a tool that helps you establish new habits 
and eliminate bad ones faster and easier than ever before.

Personalized to YOUR Learning Type


Learning Behavior

You’ll learn how you learn. Conscious-subconscious communication.

Tackling the Basics

You’ll build self esteem. You simply cannot succeed without it.

Finding Your Strength

You’ll become confident. Confidence allows you the freedom to develop creativity and achieve success.

Understanding Left-Right Brain

You’ll create a balanced life. Both aspects of your being need to be nurtured.

Moving Forward

You’ll become focused and alert. This will give you the energy you need to achieve your goals.

Becoming a Peak Performer

You’ll become hardwired for success. Your brain directs your actions and your actions make it happen.

About Good Habit Co.

The Good Habit Company was developed by J Bartell, a behavioral expert and psychological consultant who’s been working in the field for over 40 years. The company is founded on the very important principles that all behavior is a habit, whether it's good or bad and that you can learn how to change the bad ones and strengthen the good ones once you understand how you learn as an individual.

How can you change anything about yourself if you don’t know the language that caused you to develop all your habits and behavior in the first place?

This is NOT a one size fits all approach. “One size fits all” might work for somethings but not for finding a self-help program that can help you improve your SELF ... read more

Your Learning Type

J Bartell developed his Left-Right Brain Learning quiz, the first major step towards becoming more knowledgeable about how to change your behavior. Just think about it for a moment. In order to get rid of a bad habit or improve upon a good one you must know how you as an individual learn new things.

By taking Good Habit Company’s FREE quiz, your specific degree of left or right brain suggestibility (learning) will be revealed. This in turn allows for a more personalized program to help you accomplish your goals. There are NO right or wrong answers to this Quiz, and it only takes about 5 minutes. Are you worth a few minutes? If the answer is yes, then begin the process of opening up a whole new world of success. more

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Steps For Changing Behavor

Simple Solutions


You must have a basic understanding about how your habits were developed before you can start changing them.... read more


You are special! Like fingerprints no two persons' habits or learning behavior are alike. ... read more


Changing your habits by using a program set to your specific learning type not only makes sense, it makes progress faster and more effective.... read more


Keeping your motivation strong and stimulated is the cornerstone for achieving success in changing your habits.... read more

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